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Fog Master 130 – Fog generating liquid for thermofoggers and ULV

Fog Master 130 – Fog generating liquid for thermofoggers and ULV


Applying chemical agents for industrial uses through nebulizers allows the treatment to be efficiently transported to hard-to-reach surfaces. Fog Master 130 is a solution that allows treatments to be carried out, through nebulizers, using a small amount of pesticide solution, which means less operational work. In addition, it is developed to generate microdroplets which increase the area-to-volume ratio, improving the effectiveness of the treatment.

Fog Master 130 is a liquid based on water and a mixture of glycols developed for use in cold ultra-low volume (ULV) equipment and thermofoggers.

  • Improves application, penetration and effectiveness of chemicals.
  • In turn, it improves the solubility of chemicals.
  • Reduces evaporation and volatility.
  • Improves adhesion to treated surfaces.
  • Reduces the toxicity of chemicals


Thermofogging has several advantages compared to other fumigation techniques:

  • Greater effectiveness: creates a cloud of finely pulverized particles, which increases the contact surface with pests and diseases, making fumigation more effective.
  • Less Chemical Required – Allows for more uniform chemical distribution, reducing the amount of chemical needed to treat a given surface.
  • Reduced risk to workers: Allows workers to maintain a safe distance from the chemical, reducing the risk of exposure to toxic substances.
  • Lower environmental impact: Thermofogging allows a more uniform distribution of the chemical product, which reduces the risk of soil and water contamination.
  • Greater speed: Thermofogging allows large areas to be treated in a short period of time, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Technical recommendations


Once Fog Master 130 has been dissolved in water as indicated in the Instructions for Use:

  • Light fog: 70% water 30% Fog Master 130 .
  • Dense fog: 60% water 40% Fog Master 130 .
  • Incorporate the mixture into the ULV or Thermofog tank.

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