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About us?

NanoTC is made up of a highly trained and motivated team, dedicated to innovation in the chemical industry through the use of nanomaterials.

We are specialists in working with copper nanoparticles and graphene oxide, providing innovations to our clients that improve the performance of their products and services, contributing to their growth and sustainable development.

What we offer?

At NanoTC we offer innovative chemical solutions through products developed by our company that involve the capabilities of nanomaterials in industrial production processes. We offer a wide range of our own products for various industries and we accompany our clients in the development of solutions that involve nanomaterials in their production processes, improving their performance and contributing to sustainable development.

  • Mission

    To be a trusted partner for the transformation of our clients' business performance, based on our capacity for innovation and experience in nanotechnology.

  • Visión

    To be the leading global nanotechnology solutions company, offering our clients added value to their products, creating specific solutions for different types of industrial sectors.

  • Values

    Trust is key to establishing strong relationships. Innovation drives progress and competitive advantage. Passion motivates us to overcome obstacles. Dynamism adapts us to change.

Develop with us

Our service at NanoTC focuses on offering our clients unique advantages through the incorporation of nanomaterials in their production processes. By using our copper nanoparticles and graphene oxide as chemical additives, our clients can expect improvements in the performance of their products, a differentiated appearance and a positive environmental impact, develop your projects with us and see the effectiveness of nanomaterials.

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It is the manipulation of matter at the atomic scale: from 1 to 100 nanometers.

Nanoscience is a branch of science that focuses on the study and manipulation of materials at the nanometric level, that is, at an extremely small scale. In the field of chemistry, nanoscience focuses on the synthesis, structure, properties and applications of nanomaterials.

Nanoscience and nanomaterials have led to important advances in various areas of chemistry, where they have been used in the creation of new materials with improved properties.


¨The company has combined nanoparticle technology and traditional materials to create innovative solutions for the industry. NanoTC is a national leader in its field and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to research and development of high-quality products. “NanoTC products are an excellent alternative for those looking for innovative solutions to the problems of our times.”

Sebastian Molinett, INIA Researcher, La Cruz

“NanoTC products are safe and non-toxic, making them ideal for use in medical environments. The products proved to be very useful in the dental industry for keeping surfaces clean and bacteria-free. “They are highly recommended for environments requiring rigorous hygiene and sanitation.”

Doctor Pablo Daza, Alto Campus Clinic

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