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Elogium N 5737 – Additive for engine and machinery lubricant

Elogium N 5737 – Additive for engine and machinery lubricant


Elogium N 5737 lubricating oil additive is an effective solution to maintain the lubrication system of your automobile or machinery. Adequate maintenance has a direct impact on the efficiency and durability of the central and motor elements, avoiding costly repairs and generating significant savings in time and continuity of production processes.

Elogium N 5737 is specially designed to protect the metal parts of the engine from deterioration due to friction and reduce generalized wear as a whole. Is a
effective solution developed in Chile, with Chilean minerals, which is used to maintain the lubrication system.

Elogium N 5737 is an additive for lubricating oils with copper nanoparticles and graphene oxide, for use in engines with low sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur content.

According to the analyzes carried out using this product, the wear of engine parts or parts subject to friction is reduced by 90% and the useful life of the lubricating oil is extended by up to 20%.


  • Elogium N-5737 is a lubricating oil additive that offers a wide range of benefits for your business.
  • This product is specially designed to reduce friction and generate less wear on mechanical parts in your machinery and industrial transport.
  • Additionally, it significantly improves heat transfer, resulting in greater efficiency in your lubrication system.
  • By using Elogium N-5737, extra expenses due to emergencies are reduced, bad practices and loss of time associated with corrective maintenance are avoided.
  • In addition, it extends the useful life of your machinery and improves its maneuvering conditions.

Technical recommendations


  • It is recommended to homogenize the product for at least 1 minute with a mechanical mixer for industrial use.
  • In reactor or IBC formats, it is recommended to homogenize for at least 30 minutes.
  • To apply Elogium N-5737 you must follow the dosage instructions.


  • 20 ml for a gallon of oil.
  • 100 ml for a 20 liter oil drum.

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