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Elogium N 15793 - Additive for anticorrosive paints (COMING SOON)

Elogium N 15793 - Additive for anticorrosive paints (COMING SOON)


We offer an innovative solution to improve the durability of steel in the
manufacturing of structures. Our nanotechnology is adapted to the specific needs of each client to maximize the performance of the material. The Elogium N 15793 product is the result of this advanced technology in anti-corrosion processes.

Elogium N 15793 is an additive for epoxy-based paints with anticorrosive action. It has a protective formula for the care of structural materials and surfaces.


  • Our product is a revolutionary anti-corrosion epoxy additive that improves the action of traditional products by 37%.
  • Elogium N-25216 provides a high impact on the materials on which it is applied, significantly increasing the durability of any metal and therefore the structure.
  • Additionally, our product does not change or modify the application or drying time of the base paint.
  • Its handling is safe, it contributes to environmental care and is biodegradable.

Technical recommendations


  • It is recommended to homogenize the product for at least 1 minute with a drill and a special bit for gallon and drum formats.
  • In reactor or IBC formats, it is recommended to homogenize for at least 15 minutes.
  • To apply Elogium N-25216 you must follow the dosage instructions.


  • Adjust matrix according to where it is going to be applied.
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