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Graphene Oxide – NanoTC Nanomaterials

Graphene Oxide – NanoTC Nanomaterials


At NanoTC, we offer an innovative solution to improve the versatility of materials in different types of solvents. Our technology is based on a network of carbon atoms similar to graphene, but with the incorporation of intercalated groups that contain oxygen. This structure allows great versatility in solvents of varying polarity, which makes it an excellent option for those seeking to generate an improvement in their processes and products.

Graphene oxide is a material composed of multilayers of carbon atoms, which provides better physical and chemical properties to the material that is applied, such as resistance, flexibility and thermal conductivity.

This material has excellent electrochemical characteristics due to the oxidizable groups it contains, graphene oxide (GO) can be functionalized with a large number of materials, such as nanoparticles, enzymes and other biological agents of molecular recognition.

Our technology is an ideal option for those seeking to improve the properties of their products and processes.


At NanoTC, we offer an innovative solution to improve material properties by incorporating graphene oxide. A small amount of this compound can have a great impact on the properties of materials, including:

  • Increase in mechanical resistance and flexibility.
  • It works as a filter for large molecules.
  • Improves performance in the anticorrosive activity of paints.
  • Increases charge transport capacity in semiconductors.
  • Improves the hydrophobicity capacity of some materials.

Technical recommendations


Graphene oxide can be applied in different areas:

  • Application in construction materials.
  • Application in polymeric materials.
  • Application in paints and industrial additives.
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