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Copper Nanoparticles – NanoTC Nanomaterials

Copper Nanoparticles – NanoTC Nanomaterials


At NanoTC, we are committed to offering innovative solutions in the industry
of materials, and our nanotechnology is no exception. With the implementation of
copper nanoparticles, we have developed an opportunity to improve materials
already existing, diversifying their use and offering new possibilities for the manufacturing of a wide variety of consumer items. Copper is a material known for its
resistance and durability, but with our technology, we can take advantage of its properties even more.

Copper (Cu) is a metal that has special properties of high electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, good ductility, malleability, high tensile strength and excellent biocidal properties.

Copper nanoparticles have the ability to increase the relative contact surface, since as a particle decreases in size, a greater proportion of atoms are found on the surface compared to its interior. Its incorporation will transfer unique properties to your products.

Our technology is self-obtained, which allows us to modulate size and shape, which is why we adapt to any industrial requirement. It is an ideal option for those seeking to innovate, improve their processes and generate differentiation in their products.


  • Improvement in thermal transfer properties.
  • Increase and improvement in corrosion resistance.
  • Improvement in electrical transfer properties.
  • Modification in malleability and ductility.
  • Incorporation of biocidal properties.

Technical recommendations


Copper nanoparticles can be incorporated in different industrial areas, such as:

  • Polymers: Plastics, Paints, Textiles.
  • Agroindustries, cosmetics, medical area, sanitizing products, among others.

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