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LC Poly-10 Hydroalcoholic additive with copper nanoparticles for EPS

LC Poly-10 Hydroalcoholic additive with copper nanoparticles for EPS

In a world where hygiene and safety are essential priorities, we present LC Poly-10 , an additive for EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) that makes the difference. With its advanced hydroalcoholic solution enriched with copper nanoparticles, LC Poly-10 offers a long-term preventive antimicrobial action, leaving a remnant effect that guarantees prolonged protection.


  • Cutting-edge Antimicrobial Protection: LC Poly-10 harnesses the power of copper nanoparticles to provide superior protection against harmful microorganisms, ensuring a safer, healthier environment.
  • Long-Action: Our unique formula leaves a long-acting effect as it is incorporated into the EPS manufacturing process.
  • Wide Applicability: LC Poly-10 is highly versatile. Not only is it a top-notch EPS additive, it also functions as an effective solvent for a variety of applications, including waxes, vegetable oils, natural and synthetic resins, cellulose esters and ethers. It is also essential in the creation of polishing compositions, degreasing solvents and antiseptics.
  • Risk-free protection : LC Poly-10 is carefully formulated to effectively retain copper nanoparticles in its structure. This means that during the incorporation in the manufacturing of EPS, no copper particles are released into the work environment or the final product.

Technical recommendations


  • Incorporate into the production process following the safety recommendations associated with its handling.
  • Add 500 cc for every 100 kg of product.
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