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Elogium N 420 - Fungicide additive for wood

Elogium N 420 - Fungicide additive for wood


Elogium N 420 , a highly specialized and concentrated fungicide additive, based on water and enriched with copper nanoparticles. This exceptional product offers superior defense against fungi and microorganisms, ensuring the preservation and extension of the useful life of wood in your most valuable projects.


  • Cutting-edge Formula: Our innovative formula is environmentally friendly as it is water-based, ensuring that its use is safe and sustainable.
  • Reinforced Protection: Copper nanoparticles provide a highly effective barrier against fungi and microorganisms, preventing their proliferation and the consequent deterioration of the wood.
  • Durability Extension: Elogium 420 not only prevents deterioration, but also contributes significantly to extending the useful life of wood.
  • Versatile Compatibility: This additive integrates perfectly with a wide variety of coatings and wood treatments, making it easy to apply in multiple contexts.

Technical recommendations


To get the most out of Elogium N 420, follow these steps:
  • Safe Incorporation: Add Elogium N 420 to your production process, making sure to follow all safety recommendations associated with its handling.
  • Efficient Mixing: Add only 10cc of Elogium N 420 per 1000cc of wood coating or treatment. This will ensure effective defense without compromising the integrity of your projects.
Elogium N 420 is the definitive choice for those seeking to preserve and protect the beauty and quality of wood in high-importance projects. Don't let fungi and microorganisms ruin your wooden creations; Instead, trust Elogium N 420 to keep your wood at its best for longer.
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